For your Country

Alex Pielak

The project 'For your Country' that I have been working on for this year, focuses on the role the armed forces play, serving the country. Brave servicemen and women are serving for the country, for our security, but there is often little connection between the forces and the public.

There is not always enough recognition in media for the job the forces do. The public is well aware of repatriation services held almost weekly in Wootton Bassett, but often fails to connect to the men and women who do the job. The aim of the project was to show the human face of the forces, telling the story of people and not just numbers.

The project has certainly been a challenge, especially concerning access to individuals due to the larger then expected censorship and lack of co-operation in many areas.


Alex has always had an interest in news, current affairs and journalism. Being able to tell people facts and show them things that they didn’t know before has always been very appealing to him. Photojournalism and photography gives the opportunity to show people new ideas, unfamiliar places or familiar places in a new light. The photographic image can be a way of attracting people in to wanting to find out more and wanting to read.

The Photojournalism course combined his interest in journalism and in photography, and it has also enabled him to view the world in new, more analytical way. Having developed a more critical and investigative eye which he is able to apply to his work.

After graduation, Alex plans to continue working under the Alex Pielak Photography brand, as well as developing and working on his own documentary, journalism and photojournalism projects.

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