Why Don’t You Just Go Out With A Man?

Cleo Leng

I have titled my project as such as I wanted to create a book that would discuss the attraction that ‘femme’ identified women had to masculine women and transgendered people. It seems the words “Why don’t you just go out with a man” have been used as both a question as well as an insult. For this project I have been interviewing and photographing women that identify as a femme and also discussed what it means to them as well as the people they like to be in relationships with and explore why they like the contrasting dynamic between their femininity and someone else’s masculinity. The form of media used to present this project shall be a book as I feel this gives an appropriate format in which to present image and text.


Cleo Leng is a London based photographer who has been taking photographs for the last 6 years. Her work is mostly centred around Performance, Fetish, Documentary and Social Events. Her personal work is mostly focussed on queer subculture and likes to document and highlight issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

She has recently been commissioned to document an event for 'The Girls' artist duo at the Ultralounge in Selfridges London on behalf of The Photographers’ Gallery, has been published in Time Out London and has worked for a variety of publications such as Diva magazine and G3. She has also set up her own company which will be making film, documentary and photo stories that have a 'sex positive' theme.

Contact details

Tel: 07775 503 999
Email: cleoleng@googlemail.com
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/skull_bone/

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