Diaries of Kurdistan

Francesca D'Ascari

‘Diaries of Kurdistan’ will be focus on the stories of four Kurdish women, from different background, that forcibly left their life in their home country to suddenly begin a life as a refugee in London. The project intends to highlights the current situation of Kurdish population in Turkey, looking broadly at the condition of Kurdish women. The Kurds, who are believed to number around 30 millions, are the largest ethnic group without their own state. They have been subject to genocide, crimes against humanity, extra-judicial killings, torture, mass displacement and censorship. Every day women across Turkey experience sexual and other physical violence. At least one-third, if not half, of the women in rural areas have been subject to physical abuse by their families. But although all women are at risk of violence due to specific patterns of discrimination operating in Turkey, Kurdish women, especially those living in the Southeast, and women who hold political beliefs unacceptable to the government, the military or the police, are at increased risk at the hands of agents of the State. Kurdish women are doubly disadvantaged and vulnerable to abuse: first because they are women living in a traditionally patriarchal society; secondly, because they are Kurds. is a project aiming to explore the life of Kurdish Turkish women refugees. ‘Diaries of Kurdistan’ is a project aiming to explore the life of such exceptional women.


Francesca D’Ascari was born in Messina, Sicily. She moved to London in 1997 where she developed her interest in photography and audio-visual. Her work explores social and humanitarian issues. Her central themes are culture and identity, injustice towards women and children, immigration and integration into society. She likes to establish a relationship with her subjects, to take a step into their lives and see with their eyes, in order to tell the story from their point of view. A positive and intimate approach towards her subjects, color and truthfulness are core elements in her photography. She has previously undertaken projects involving Romany and Nepalese communities.

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