Deer Cull

Jonny Helm

I started this project to look into the lives and practices of the people involved in deer culls throughout the UK. I was inspired by a local campaign to stop the culls in Richmond and Bushy Parks. I spoke to the park manager in Bushey Park and to experts at Natural England about the campaign and they gave a very different viewpoint on the growing presence of deer in Britain.

The deer population is currently higher than it has been since the last ice-age and they pose a serious threat to biodiversity by eating the habitat of many other woodland animals. With no natural predators deer can double in number in two years and are increasingly moving into urban environments and becoming a blight on farmers by eating their crops.

My project has three main areas; the wildlife managers in Bushy Park, forestry commission rangers and students studying for their Deer Stalking Certificate. By photographing these different environments and practices I hope to shed more light on a conservation practice that is often misunderstood.


Jonny Helm is a photographer based in London. Now that he is coming to the end of his degree he plans to continue working around the UK and internationally. Over the past year he has found the focus of his work settling on rural and environmental themes, and he plans to explore how people interact with the natural environment throughout his work in the future.

After studying photography for five years he has extensive technical knowledge in digital and film photography processes. He thinks that photojournalism is a fantastic way of generating interest in subjects that may otherwise be ignored or taken for granted. Jonny’s aims are to make images that inspire the audience to act on or to understand better the world around them.

Jonny has photographed a variety of events from protests in London to the MotoGP races in Italy. He has worked with local charities and fund raising organisations capturing local MP Vince Cable supporting the people of his constituency.

When not behind a lens Jonny helps to run a youth group for 13 to 15 year olds. He enjoys cycling and camping. He can also breathe fire.

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