Square Mile

Michael Carroll

London's financial district, also known as 'The City' or 'The Square Mile' is one of the most important financial hubs in the world. Much attention was cast on the area in light of the 2007-present financial crisis, which led to the collapse of financial institutions, downturn in global stock markets and financial instability around the world. The area has a resident population of around 8000 whilst 320,000 people work within the Square Mile – primarily in the financial sector. The boundaries of the Square Mile are marked by black bollards bearing the City's emblem, and at major entrances, such as at Temple Bar on Fleet Street. Steeped in history, the Square Mile was the original part of London with remnants of the London Wall built by the Romans still visible. Although the Square Mile is best known as a financial district, there are many other interesting people and places to discover within its perimeter.


Michael is a 27 year old photojournalist focusing on human rights issues, travel and news. He has spent much of the past few years in South East Asia photographing stories such as Land-Grabbing in Cambodia, Anti-government protests in Thailand, The Karen National Liberation Army in Burma and third generation Agent Orange victims in Vietnam. In 2010 he co-founded the Aletheia Photo Collective aiming to collaborate and showcase under-reported stories. His work has appeared in publications such as the Financial Times Magazine, Courrier International and The British Journal of Photography. Upon graduating from the BA Photojournalism course at LCC Michael plans to continue working on assignments in Asia concerning human rights and social injustice.

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