Miles Dell

A bicycle courier is the fastest way of getting a package across London, due to the ease at which they can move through traffic, without being held up by lights or other road users. Largely inconspicuous to the public, couriers have formed their own community, which has integrated with their careers. Go-Betweens is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between the social and vocational aspects of their lives.


Miles Dell is a freelance photojournalist born and raised in London. He began his photographic career taking photos of the South London music scene, a subject that still interests him today. His subjects are largely drawn from contemporary city culture, but he has also recently shot projects on the traditional Easter customs of the Czech Republic. Further projects are planned that will examine contemporary and traditional subcultures and their place within society.


Email: miles@milesdell.co.uk
Web: www.milesdell.co.uk

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